Links from is considered as Internal or External

I am confused with a query, i.e., if I use a link from my own site to place it on homepage but after shortening that link using or, is it considered as internal or external link from my site ? Actually, the destination Url is internal but it has to go through which would be an external link! In simple what search engines crawlers consider it internal or external??

If you go through a shortener that’s going to be external. As far as I know, anyway. You’re hitting an outside URL, magic is happening, then you’re being redirected to your internal URL - from that external one.

Just out of interest, why would you do this? Why use the shortening service?

I tend to be suspicious of links where I can’t see the destination, and I would be suspicious of a site which concealed the URL in this way. Maybe that’s just me.

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Yeah, I’m not sure why you’d do this instead of internal links. I can totally see the use of shorteners for things like social media posts or the like… but /shrug not for internal site links.

Actually I use these links to monitor the number of clicks I get on that specific post. I do this thing only with affiliated posts to track the performance as url shortening services provides the data and number of visit counts to that particular post.

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