Google url shortener

Google have launched “Google url shortener”. Will this affect on SEO?

I don’t see this as having any impact on SEO at all. URL shorteners are common across the web and have been for years, and it’s recognised that the principal reason for using them is to shorten URLs - ie, to make long and complicated URLs suitable for including in emails, tweets, forums, offline marketing and the like, where you don’t want to give a long and complicated URL out. From that point of view, the key point for search engines is that any link to a shortened URL should be treated as a link to the full URL, since they are effectively the same thing. Simply having a shortened URL won’t make any difference.

Well I don’t think it will effect SEO that much as the link you will get from it will be still indirect but it can be a tough competition for all the other url shorteners like,tinyurl etc…

As a whole I don’t believe that URL shorteners effect SEO that much if at all. But this is the first time that a search engine proper has offered such a service.

Imagine this. Google knows how many links are out there pointed towards your site, but can’t reliably determine if people are actually using those links.* Now if these link are links instead of plain links they have a way to track actual link usage. This link usage could then play a part in the SERP algorithms.

It’s a bit conspiracy theory, but I wouldn’t put it past google to use EVERY single piece of data they can collect in determining SERPs.

  • However if the site your links are on use google analytics they do have some idea about link usage.

Hm it offers click stats also, interesting.