How does Google view links to sub domains - internal or external?

If the web page has a link to does Google view that as an internal or external link?


to my knowledge it would be internal

I believe it’s considered an external link as it’s a different site. Look at * for example. If the links from every blogspot blog to another blogspot blog was considered an internal link chaos would ensue.

My educated guess is that their default is to treat it as internal. They could easily have a list of exceptions like blogspot.


In what regard? PR passes the same whether via an internal or external link. As far as passing ranking beans goes, typically the owner of the domain owns the subdomain too, so perhaps Google views an incestuous link like this as a self-vote. But then there are exceptions like the blogger one mentioned earlier. Maybe these cases have identifying patterns that imply unique ownership.

In summary: who knows? :slight_smile:

I like the way you placed that period at the end of your one word sentence, almost as if to punctuate it.


Thanks everyone for your replies. I was wondering how Google consider links to sub-domains, with regards to whether or not they might consider a site to be a link farm. A site that links to lots of external sites, that link back to it, could be considered by Google to be a link farm. I wondered if the same would apply to a site that links to lots of sub-domains, or if they would be viewed as internal links.