Will the URL shortening services harm on PR?

No idea about sharing and using short URLs, like bit.ly and goo.gl.
Are they definitely going to affect the PR of a website?

Further more, there are no such topics even on Wikipedia at:

[font=verdana]It shouldn’t make a whole lot of difference. Most URL shorteners use a 301 redirect, which means that Google and other search engines consider a link to the shortened URL as (more or less) equivalent to a link to the regular URL. [I]Source: http://google.about.com/od/searchengineoptimization/f/tinyurl_google.htm[/i]

If you have a fairly short and snappy domain name, why not set up your own shortened links? All it takes is one line in your .htaccess file for each URL, and then you get your site name out there and immediately associated with the links. (I for one am sometimes reluctant to click on a shortened URL if I don’t definitely trust the source, because there’s no way of knowing where it goes. On the other hand, if I can see that it’s on your domain, and I trust your domain, I know that it’s a safe link). You can then highlight that short link on the page itself to encourage people to use that when sharing it elsewhere.[/font]

As Stevie said most url shorteners use 301 redirection so it shouldn’t effect your Pagerank

Yes i agree as most of url shortners using 301 redirect, and its not bad for sites pr.

But what about .htacces file , how we can make all our urls shortnes through them and how we can use it all time to make links .
please little bit clarify me as i don’t know about this feature.

They will not affect PR but they will influence whether people are prepared to follow the link or not. Since a generic shortner like that can point to any page - a virus, a trojan, a fake banking site or just as a remote possibility a legitimate web page, a lot of people will completely ignore such links and never follow them.

Using your own shorteners within your site is a different matter as there people have already made the decision to visit.

To get many of the features the public shortening services offer you could install something like the open source version from http://yourls.org/

[font=verdana]In your .htaccess file, you just need to add a line, something like:

Redirect 301 /ab65d http://example.com/folder/sub-folder/full-url-goes-here

and that means that any hit on example.com/ab65d is automagically redirected to example.com/folder/sub-folder/full-url-goes-here, and because it’s marked as a 301 redirect, it carries the full weight of googlejuice.

Depending on your site, you may be able to put a sensible short code that is actually relevant to the page in there rather than alphanumeric nonsense like ‘ab65d’.[/font]

I feel it is a real problem in using shortened url. Because sometimes the shortened URL doesn’t work. Also check the server header response for the shortened url. it should be a permanent redirect.