Is there any effect on PR(extenal link & to internal pages)

Now A and B are two websites.
A ---------links to-----------> B

A(homepage)------------>A1(internal pages)

Is there any difference in PR when it goes out for an external site and when it goes out for internal pages of its website.
And also Do they affect the ‘A’(Site which gives link).

Why do you need here to check for outside website quality. Only this site ‘A’ is going to give its external link. As you said if there are no change gonna happen in A then why look for outside sites quality.
Only for getting high PR backlink we should be worried but why there is an hesitation to give an external link always.
This may be a Good or funny or weird question but someone explain.

It’s because if you link out to a ‘bad neighbourhood’ it will end up hurting you. Think about form Google’s point of view, you chose to link to them, you chose to ‘vouch’ for them so it’s you that gets punished if they’re a bad site, not them. Google don’t want to encourage poor quality linking, they want us to link to good sites that are useful because that ehllps them deliver a higher quality product to their own users.

You should be very careful about who you link to.

AFIK the page PR value is divided up equally between all the links regardless of whether they’re external or internal. Site A’s PR will stay the same regardless of how many links there are.

Thanks for the info. Even i too feel the same but at some time i feel links given internally in the website are given more importance.

If anything it would be the opposite if you think it through logically.

A site is obviously going to link internally, it’s not a good indicator of quality.
But if a site links to an outside site, they must be vouching for the outside site’s quality so it would be a better indicatory of quality.

But as JJ said, I don’t believe there is any difference.

I agree with tke, outgoing links are a ‘vote’ for another website which is far far more important to the rankings (basically it’s how Google works) than a link going to an internal page on your site.

Ya. so finally there is a difference between a link which goes to an external site and link to inner pages of websites. So Google sees whom you are voting(linking). And then Google consider a better or give high importance to link which are given to external then inner pages… Isn’t it?

I don’t think that someone knows how google calculates PR today. It was easy to predict and calculate possible PR in the past (following some basic rules), but things get more complicated now, so the best thing is thinking on your own.