Linking H1s - yay or nay?

I’ve seen no evidence nor direct correlation that linking H1s helps with higher rankings. In fact, in my 4+ years as an SEO, and especially in my previous company, linking H1s was discouraged, I’ve NEVER had to link H1s and I’ve achieved #1 rankings on many websites without EVER linking H1s. I refuse to implement this change that this particular person is recommending on our website, because I feel it’s not a change that will help at all.

You mean as in having <a href="somepage.htm"><h1>Some page</h1></a>?

I can’t think of many places where that would be an appropriate structure, other than where you use an <h1> tag to mark up your site branding and you want it to be a link back to your home page.

If you can give a bit more context as to what the link is for, we’ll have a better idea as to whether it’s a sensible way to code it.

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Hi Stevie,

Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean. And also <h1><a href=“somepage.htm”>Some Page</a></h1>. Basically the concept itself. Why would anyone use it is my question when it has no benefit to SEO? Is it another SEO myth that has perpetuated throughout the generations?

Anyway, yeah I didn’t see SEO right below it actually. It would be better suited for that forum. :slight_smile:

There might be many reasons to use it that aren’t to do with SEO. If you’re using <h1> to mark up your site branding (there’s some discussion about whether this is appropriate - while we’re still using HTML4, I think it is fine, but will probably just use <header> once we can safely use HTML5) then you will often want that branding to be a link back to the home page - that isn’t about SEO, it’s about usability. People have come to expect that clicking on the logo and/or branding will take them back to the home page, so you want your design to conform to what they are expecting.

I don’t think Google would pay any more attention to <h1><a href="/">My site!</a></h1> than it would to <ul><li id="home"><a href="/">Home</a></li>..., but that doesn’t matter, because this isn’t about Google.

And yes, more myths surround SEO than practically any other aspect of computer use, anywhere, ever…

h1 tags really work in seo. Helpful for website and SEO.

I’d be very interested to see any evidence that linking h1 tags improve SEO. In all of my experience, it’s about relevance and clarity rather than tricks like linking h1 tags rather than a plain text link. To Stevie’s point, I would keep the code clean and validated before I break validation for a mystical SEO benefit.

H1 keep importance in SERP so you must think to build valuable header tag for your visitor too.

All search engines also said that write content for your visitor not only for search engine

I don’t buy it. Show me evidence that says a link inside a h1 tag will be more valuable than a link elsewhere. If you’re referring to h1 tags in general, yes they are important for organization of your content. As we all know, the better organized your content the happier your visitors will be and the more likely the content will be correctly interpreted by Google/Bing.

I do not believe linking a h1 has any affect, and in fact on certain types of pages you do not want to do it. For instance if you are submitting articles to Google News they request that you do not link your article title which is typically a h1.

linking to H1 doesn’t give 100% assurance that it will help your site it may give a few effect. you need to consider many things like relevancy and are you linking to a good site.

i ve also used H1-H3 tags and I didnt see any benefit of it. But in a many SEO articles is pointed that they are very useful when used in normal quantities and situations (3-5 % of all text can be in H tags )