Content html first, help SEO?

Hi, I was wondering if content first html really worked for SEO. I’ve read a few articles for it and some against it, but is it really worth doing this? Does having your content first rather than a navigation <ul>, have a better chance of being ranked?

Thank you for your opinion

yes better to follow accepted practices and guide lines

I agree with Alex on this one. I asked this question quite a while ago.

I’m a believer of correctly structuring the page, with the content towards the top and any menus/guides toward the bottom.

So at the top you’d have your logo and site name, then the content organised with the correct header tags (H1, H2 and so forth) then the main links.

Obviously your page template will be designed using CSS, so you can design the page as you wish with the menus being where you’d like.

Unless you have thousands of lines of code and a bloated page structure it’s unlikely to make a difference (such as if the page was too big to be properly indexed), however there is something to be said for having content first for accessibility reasons. Having navigation at the base of the page with skip links at the top seems to have a genuine beneficial value to screen readers (who don’t want to hear all the navigation babble as they reach the page they wanted - over and over). :slight_smile:

There’s no evidence that it has any benefits for SEO. It is true that search engines only index up to a certain point, and if a page is too long then they won’t reach the end of it - but that limit is many times higher than you are ever likely to hit even with excessively long pages and horribly bloated code.

Google is smart enough to know what is navigation and what is content, as long as you’ve coded everything up properly, and it doesn’t really care which comes first.