SEO assessment needed please

Hi From snow starting to melt Wakefiled…

Ive tried my best to use the principles of semantic mark up to get the site I’m working on a good ranking position when a searcher enters key phrase:
“professional coffee machines”

My specific concern is this page:
Notice how ive got a graphic banner before the H1 tag. Could this cause a problem in that the spiders will hit the graphic first, would it be best for the H1 tag to be above the graphic banner or does it make no difference whatsover.

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter at all, that’s just the first important heading and that’s what you’ve told the search engine bot by using the H1 tag.

Given that the product headings going down the page are all of the same importance, I would have made them all H2s. You don’t have to limit the use of each type of H tag to one per page, they’re used to tell the bot what importance the heading has so give all the headings of the same importance the same H tag. Just don’t use too many H1s (some would say that’s the exception and you should only use it once).

I agree with JJMcClure - it doesn’t make any difference :frowning:

While I would love to believe that clean, semantic code makes a ranking difference, Google concentrate on the content, and only use the mark-up as weighting hints.