Link Building Recommendations

So, I own a bunch of web sites, and the big dividing line between of the ones getting great rankings and those getting so-so ones are the number of in-bound links. I’ve been thinking of trying a link building campaign on a handful of the lesser ranked sites, and seriously considering a link building service due to my own time constraints.

I wanted to get to get some input from other SitePoint members from their own experiences. I’m concerned about making sure the service I use will do the link building ethically (i.e. NOT 50,000 blog comments) so as to not hurt the existing rankings. Can any one recommend such a service?



The problem is that any third-party link building service is almost inevitably going to be run by non-experts. I don’t mean that they are not experts in SEO (although quite frankly ‘charlatan’ would be a charitable description of many of them), but they are not experts in the field that your website is in. That means that they won’t know the best websites to submit to, they won’t understand the content and context of each website, and they’ll struggle to get high-quality relevant links with suitable link text. So it’s unlikely that you’ll find someone who can do better than scattergun any vaguely related site, which may give you a short-term boost but is rarely going to be a successful long-term strategy.

You know your industry better than they do, you know which sites are hot and which are not, you know where it’s worth getting links from - the chances are that if you’ve got the time to spend, you can do a much better job of getting good quality links to your site than someone with no experience of the industry.

I love Stevie D comment and would like to extend my thoughts to that. Is a site is really worthwile to you you will spend the time promoting it. If it is not why would it be (trully) of any use to anyone elce to see or link to. Believe in perhaps one vertical and work on that.

Whereas I agree with your comment 100% surely one could simply discover where your competitors are getting its strong links from and simply try to emulate that by getting links in similar places?

Hello Will,
what do You mean by “to not hurt the existing rankings”?
So why should you then start a link building campaign?

link building is important,the word need to done carefully by yourself most suitable,because you are most familare with your sites,and make plan to build links for them.

That’s true for anyone who does link building for someone else so how do you overcome that problem?