Simple Free CMS?

Hello all,

I am wanting to know if there are any recommended free open source Content Managed Systems out there i can plug in to a site i’m building?

Thank you.

Great! Thank you! This is the cheapest so far (for a “pro plan”) at least.

You can also try SnappySnippets, it’s free, simple and highly customizable with a desktop like interface that your clients are already familiar with.

Thanks ok hornet. I looked at cushyCMS - last night and it’s similar to one i’ve used in the past Surreal CMS

I’ve also gone through the other list you sent and it seems a simple web based one like Cushy or Surreal will suffice for what i need. In saying that, I would really like to tackle the likes of Text Pattern or Concrete5 but I’m a little intimidated and time is an issue too.

Here’s another list, not so short but with user ratings

Personally, I use a few different ones:

  • WordPress - for blogs mainly. Small learning curve, lots of resources
  • SilverStripe - is a new one I’ve just started to learn. I would say it’s probably a little cumbersome for a small site. But an excellent choice for a free feature rich CMS. Large learning curve, few resources, but rewarding.
  • PageLime & [URL=“”]CushyCMS - Are a different breed, they are web based, and you write id tags into the regions you want to be editable. Both are good, both have free accounts.
  • PageLime has unlimited user accounts, 1 admin account, for only 3 sites, but is upscale.
  • CushyCMS has unlimited sites & user accounts and is more simple.

These are just some of my personal preferences. All used for different things. The key is to find the one that fits you, the site & the needs of the client the most.

Glad you found what you needed!

Concrete5 is nice. Don’t be too intimidated, I think it’s probably easier than SilverStripe :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok thanks. Getting overwhelmed with options now :slight_smile:

Thanks markstacy

Although they doesn’t promote it much, Kentico CMS has free edition that can be used even for commercial purposes. It’s basically a full, lifetime valid edition of Kentico, it’s only limited by functionality (only 5 products in e-shop etc.), but for a small corporate site it’s pretty cool.

Awesome! Thank you!

Is there one in particular you prefer?

Here’s a nice small list for you to take a look at.