Learning PHP!

As I am very interested to learn php I mean I want to achive outstanding performance in learning PHP but I dont have that sort of platform where my dream will come true so what can I do and how long it will take to be an expert in PHP?

Hi yasinfaruk,

Your excitement will be of great use in your endeavor, but you will have a very long journey ahead of you. I’d start with becoming familiar on how to search php.net. That is the ultimate resource you can find. The next step would be to read up on a few common frameworks, Zend and Symphony come to mind, lastly, check out books from a local library or purchase them online (a good starter book would be [url=http://www.sitepoint.com/books/phpmysql5]PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja.

It will take years to become an expert, but if have a natural ability to think logically, you can become a proficient programmer within a few months.

As you run into problems, or need help figuring out where to go next in your PHP endeavor, feel free to post a new thread here.

Best of luck,

Welcome to the forum,

Pick a topic that you are familiar, such as a holidays, hobby, college studies, etc, then create a site and learn to use PHP, Html, CSS, MySql, Javascript, jQuery…