How to learn PHP and MYSQLvery efficient and quick way?

:)Hey guys… Pls tell How to learn PHP and MYSQLvery efficient and quick way…
are u have any metrical for learn PHP and mysql…
Give a suggestion for my learning carrier…
Thank u …:blush:

Books are always good, then there are websites such as phpmaster. Then there are of course forums (sitepoint), and anything google returns in your search results.

If you’re serious about learning it, you’ll have to scrap the idea of learning it in a “quick” way. Take your time, improve over time and keep reading, playing and contributing on places like here. Eventually you’ll get good at it. It’ll take you years though, make no mistake.


hey frnds pls give a simple document to learn beginner version of PHP and MYSQL… and also give programmer version…

and refer to my prior posts regarding books that you could purchase or find at a library.

Thank You for Giving Good one

if you need a quick way(which may not take you long) but will get you started…i would suggest to start from youtube video tutorials (free and good demostrations).Good for starters…
then once you get started then go to book.It will make more sense and make reading much smooth.

I say video because for starters sometimes even a simple parse error takes days to debug(just because they are new to it)

Are you new to programming or do you have some experience? If the latter, which languages and to which level? is what I used. Very good site

No it isn’t. W3schools is a terrible resource. There is lots of poor information on there, and they are in no way associated with the W3C.

Avoid like the plague.


I think this one is good ( to have an idea about php and MySQL. To be honest, and to learn good php, you have make some tests, maybe online tests and come to here to ask other and get their opinions and advices. as I did personally, and I can’t say that I’m a developer, because it was not my goal, but I can understand php codes when I need to modify something.

Good luck

Not a good link. W3schools is a horrible resource. AVOID.

Why you said that, it is one of the most famous website to learn quickly, can you explain more please ?

It’s not an official resource and is in no way related to the W3C. It contains plenty of poor information - some of which is outright wrong, and a lot of which is just basic poor practice.

You can find information on why it is so terrible here: