Best way to learn PHP?

I am working as SEO. In this field Developing is necessary. I want to learn PHP as tutorial but i don’t know what is best place to learn.

Second thing, I don’t have enough time to go any institution and take classes. I want to learn it at my home.

Tell me How it is possible?

I am also a PHP beginner. I would suggest you to start with, The book ‘PHP 6 and MySQL 5 - Visual QuickPro Guide’ by Larry Ullman is the one I am using now.

I must say build a small database system, may be an online solution for a library. For this, you can get some help from forums like this and also take help from online tutorials.

I am also available to help you out (see my contact details), in return I will learn the art of SEO from you. Because I want to learn SEO and I dont have time to go to classes etc.


Hi there, I started off with a very good book, Sams Teach Yourself PHP, Apache & MySQL. I’ve recently bough the Visual QuickPro Guide but I personally wasn’t very impressed with it. Always worth a read anyhow. Take a look at the Sams book by clicking here.

I have been learning PHP for about 2 or 3 months.

I highly recommend “Build Your Own Database Driven Website with PHP and MySQL”, it’s by Kenvin Yank and is a SitePoint publication. It’s been invaluable.

Then, pick a project and see if you can make it work. Ask questions on forums like this one, and check out the PHP manual for syntax and further information on specific functions.

I think a lot of people learn that way. On the other hand don’t rule out courses too quickly. You might be able to do some night classes at your local college quite cheaply for just a couple of hours a week. If you are gonna teach your self, you’ll need to put the time in either way.

Hope that helps,

Do you have any programming background? If not, don’t focus on learning PHP. Focus on learning programming (algorithms, design patterns, etc).