Landing Pages?

I have a site that appears near the top for my keywords for the location I’m based in. However, when I search Google in the surrounding areas, or I type in the town names with my keywords, I don’t show up. How can I improve my search rankings for those neighboring towns since they are close enough to come to my business?

Add extra web pages specifically targetting those locations making it clear that your business supports their area.

so do you make a new webpage on the same domain? Or do you create a webpage on a different domain name.

This is similar to what I am asking in a different thread.

From what I am been reading about domain authority, I would make it a folder in the main domain. However, having the name in the other cities in the second-level domain will be a big boost to SEO. So I guess I dont really know.

The book I am using as a guide (The Art Of SEO by Enge, Spencer, Fishkin, and Stricchiola) says never to duplicate content. Ever.

Like Felgall said, you need to give Google a reason to think that you should rank for those other areas.

Try adding a page for each area showing examples of work you’ve done in those areas or case studies and link out to businesses in those areas, use their addresses on the pages to give further relevance to those area codes etc etc. Tie the whole thing together with an area specific menu so that the bot can find the new pages.