What do I need to do to get my website to rank for two different keywords - for locations

Hi Guys,

Would really appreciate if anybody could help me out please :smile:

I have a website that is ranking quite well for the terms “redditch mortgage advice” in Google

I now want to branch into an area called Bromsgrove and want the website to rank well for “bromsgrove mortgage advice”

Would you recommend creating a new website to get it to rank for that or how do I get the website to rank for both keyword phrases?

Create a new page geared around Bromsgrove mortgage advice?

I’m not sure how to go about it

Thank you in advance


To get ranking in a short period of time, you can go with this idea: create a new landing page for the location “Bromsgrove” and optimize it well. Also, do local SEO, like local business listings so that local citizens of Bromsgrove can get to know about your website. Submit your online business into local directories, target local audience, understand their requirements and try to meet them!

You’ll have to create an inner page and rank it. Send all relevant links to that page treating it as a brand new site. So your inner page will have a url along these lines: yourwebsite.com/bromsgrove-mortgage-adive.

No need to create a new website, just a new page or a post with exactly the same title and wordings or one that contain the keywords you want to optimized. my 2 cents! I think gt3guy said it technically.