Multiple Businesses - One Location

So form an SEO standpoint I feel I am losing all my address SEO.

Right now I have 7 unrelated businesses at 1 address (no suites, no floors, literally all in the same place). Right now on their websites all the address say the same thing so if somebody was to google the address they would get multiple pages from multiple websites. One solution that I thought of was creating a landing page and just SEO-ing to the top of the google list which would link to all the companies at this address.

Not sure how else to optimize each website with the address being how it is so I’m open to suggestions.

Register yourself on Google:

Then if they Google the address, your business would show up in the listing very clearly.

Yeah but I have multiple businesses of different keywords at the same address, so googling the address will bring up a clusterbomb of different information from the varies companies here, so I’m trying to control what is showing up.

If you’re the only one in Places, you’ll show up first.

Basically, you are talking about screwing over all the other businesses at your location so yours comes up on top.

Generally, SEO on your address is of virtually no importance as well. People will Google your name to find your address. It’s highly unlikely they’ll google your address to find your name…

Yeah I see what you mean - makes sense.

Not sure how you got this. The landing page idea is to help all the businesses at my location, not just mine specifically.

If you’re going for a landing page idea, then you could always just have links to the other business from your about page (or wherever you display your site).

However, like I said, it’s a bit silly to SEO your address (unless it was something like Buckingham Palace =p).