Still important to have pages dedicated to your keywords?

Hi I have been out of the SEO scene for some time, I used to create pages for each keyword I want to rank for, say for example if i want to rank for “building services in montana” i create a page with that exact same name and optimised content, and place it together with the rest of the very targeted pages in an articles category. is it still good practice to do something like this?

Pretty much.

You wouldn’t need to repeat “exact match” phrasing throughout the page and it’s elements tho - in fact, using synonyms and other contextually relevant works and paragraphs help.

I agree completely with serio, it’s still a widely implemented effective technique.


ok thanks that’s what i needed to know

The content on my site usually emphasize the keywords and placed it to different landing pages.

You need to target at the keywords you are ranking for. But there is no need to use the same keywords all the time, you can try use the synonyms.