Need desperate help in seo

Hello My problem is my wordpress blog is ranking for the keyword smartlipo and smart lipo on top page of google india. Have a look at this link

But I am no where indexed in google USA for that keyword. Why is that so. Is it something like a penalty. Please help me I tried to get links too but did not succeed.

Is your server located in India? This is not a penalty but rather the way Google handles localization.

Have you registered your website with Google Webmaster Tools? If so, you can specify which countries you serve in there.

It’s because Google India have different datacenter with Google USA. Try to link build your blog to related sites/blogs that do rank well in Google USA. Sooner or later, you’ll get indexed too in Google USA.

Thanks for the reply but I still feel when i am ranking in the top 5 of google india i should rank at least in the top 30 of google usa… ? Any help…? Moreover I am also thinking to sell my website and can you tell me for how much can i sell it?

What makes you think that you should rank in Google USA if your website is targeted to India and hosted within India?

the thing is there are many similar websites on top of google usa page and google india page… thats the reason i felt that… moreover i should have atleast got indexed in google usa…?.. pardon me if i am wrong…are you guys seo experts…?

My point is that if your content is not geared towards anyone in the USA, you don’t list a US address or phone number and have your website hosted in India then Google doesn’t see any value in showing your website to an audience in the USA. Likewise, I don’t expect my websites that target a US audience to be listed in the UK.

If you’re attempting to target two audiences then it’s a different story and we need to review the steps you’ve taken to accomplish that.

I am targeting only USA audience… and my server is located in USA although I stay in India… how can webmaster tools can help me… can you please explain me in detail… may i know your yahoo or gtalk id…?

Your website doesn’t have any USA contact information. My mistake, I thought you had said that your website was hosted in India. Where is the contact information on the domain set? Google may be picking up the idea of India from there.

Google Webmaster Tools will allow you to specify your target countries based on each domain or subdomain. You’ll need to sign up for GWT and then verify your website before you can set these parameters.

i need to talk to you something in personal… may i know your id…? gtalk or yahoo?

Please PM me if you would like to take this offline.