SERP position in

Hello friends,
I want to search the SERP position of my website keywords in The problem is that when I type it redirects me to So how to find the position of the keywords in
Suggestion would be appreciated…

There is no site called US region server is If you want to know your US ranking you can give your search queries and add &gl=US in the end of the URL in address bar or you can use proxies or ad preview tool to get the accurate ranking.

If you go to then it won’t redirect you to your local country and will give you the US search results no matter where you are.

If you want area specific results, then you can try changing the location from the more search tools on the right side of the search results page.

Even if we are redirected to the local country database, they still provide an option of going to just below the languages section.

This. For a moment I was thinking that I was so out of the loop I’d missed the existence of a site :-D.