SERP rankings in specific countries

Hi from cloudy and cold wetherby UK :slight_smile:

Is any Sitepoint member familiar with how to measure your SERP ranking in different countries?

For example behind my keyboard in the UK I can filter by the UK or Worldwide but thats about it. But what if I wanted to see where a key pharse ranked in Australia. So short of me flying out to Australia is there a method to measure SERPS across different countries.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You can check australia ranking in Even if you want the accurate ranking you can use proxies.

For accurate ranking, you can use proxy otherwise use particular country domain. You can write gl=US in the search address.


The easiest way would be to open google as per the domain name. For aus its, for canada its, for japan its and so on. You can get the list from g itself.

Only way to open particular country Google page and then search. There is not software which can support this search. I am doing this for my website, We have two offices, one in Dubai and second in Beverly Hills so i need to track keywords on both separately…

Cant “WEB CEO” do this. I hope so else its a time absorbing task big time :frowning:

Is this a free tool ???..

You can use Google Global addon for country specific ranking checking.

I use SEO Power Suit for this

No its not free :frowning:

Install SEO for Firefox & Google global 2.7 as an add on to your firefox (not sure if Chrome has the same extension) then manually type each keyword on the search box. After hitting enter, click arrow down on your status bar and choose specific country.