Keyword analysis tool advice please


My first post here. Have had a look to see if this has been asked before but couldn’t find anything exactly the same. If it has been answered then apologies.

I’m just starting out in SEO having been building sites for a good number of years.

I’m optimising a site for a client and need to pick appropriate keywords. Because they’re a regional company we want to get a fix on how many people are searching for exact phrases.

If I use the Google keywords analysis tool for:

pvcu windows cheshire

I get figures for global monthly searches for recommended keywords based on that. Not a figure for how many times a month that exact phrase has been searched. Obviously good optimisation for both “pcvu windows” and “cheshire” will yield good results, but I’d really like to find out how many times the exact phrase is searched for.

Can anybody suggest a tool that can give me a report telling me how many times an exact phrase has been searched, either engine by engine or specific to one. I’ve looked at Web CEO and IBP, both seem to do keyword analysis, but not exact phrase. And I’d rather avoid software other than for report writing and optimise manually where possible.



Some great Keyword Analysis tools

Google Keyword Suggestion tools
Keyword Discovery
SEO Book keyword analysis tool
Microsoft Adlab
Google Keywords Tool
Yahoo Keyword Selector Tool (Formely Overture)


In my opinion Web CEO and IBP both are good for perfect result and I think that there is no other one software available to do this.


google adwords keyword tool would be a good choice…it gives good results

IBP is a nice one as well.

The tool has the option to select broad match, phrase match and exact match on the bottom left…

(i’m assuming you’re using )

to know the exact figures use adwords keyword tool as given above,
to compare on a timely basis use Google Insights for search


You can use these free Keyword Tools are :