Estimating kephrase monthly search traffic

Good afternoon from totally dark zero degrees C Leeds UK.

I have been using Google adwords traffic estimator to get a fix on potential search volumes for a keypharse but is there a better tool out there?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Rather tools I would recommend you to obtain the keyword/phrases from Google suggestions list. But the suggestions from Google Suggests can be taken if you don’t use personalized search/history option enabled. So why don’t you give it a try?

A lot of people swear by Market Samurai. I have never bought it or used it, but it comes up a lot amongst the forums.

I spoke with the head of SEO at a large UK SEO firm (he’s been in .net magazine talking about SEO).

He said he still uses Adword Keyword tool, but make sure that he gets the [exact] data.

Despite what everybody says, it is pretty accurate :slight_smile:

Google Adwords Keyword tool is the best one for keyword and search volume research, but it’s not very accurate. Neither for competition index nor for global monthly search volume.

Yeah, I agree. I use Google Adwords Keyword tool first, but then I also use Spyfu, Google Insights, and Wordtracker to make sure I have all the information possible.

A good snippet to remember is that Google will only give the first 3 relevant digits, which is why people say that it could be so inaccurate.

For instance, a result with 99,900,000 could be off by as much as 99,999 searches.

The same holds true with Google’s search results. When you Google something, it will come back with “About ________________ Results”. But if you notice, it will only give 3 digits.

They claim they don’t want to overload their servers by giving all the digits… I think they just like to be secretive :slight_smile:

Yes, I am also using google adwords and its good but now i need some new tool which can give the perfect and accurate search volume report.