What is the most exact tool for analyting keywords

So immedately, I need a tool which tells me keywords I should SEO and invest in. Except for Google keywords tool, any other tools can help me?
And what tool can show me the number of searchs for my keywords in a country?

As per my view Google Keyword analysis tool is a best tool to analyze your keywords.

word tracker but i use Google Keyword tool

Google Keyword does all that. Except for that, you can use Keyword spy to spy on competitive websites that are doing better than you. You can get good idea on what to bid on.

Including Google adword keyword tool here are some other tools which will help you to analysis keyword with number of searches in a month for the specific country :


Google ad-word tool is best but if you want to try new tool for SEO so you should try this tool . It will monitor your site and guide you properly :


Try it.

I recommend http://cognitiveseo.com/. It’s paid, but it’s worth it.

Or you could always use Google’s classic keyword planner tool.