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What is a good tool do discover how many times a keyword is searched in a month

I use my adwords account, it says it’s 4500 for a particular keyword, I am in 5th place at the moment for that keyword but have had about 5 clicks in two days. Is the adwords a good indicator of monthy searches performed on a keyword??

When I ran my adwords ad, I could see how many times / impressions were made for my ad on a keyword. I want a similar reading at my fingertips if possible not just the monthly figures. That day figures.

Hope I make sense, I always do in my head…


I think google adword can show exact monthly or global search.

Consider just the local searches and not global.
I have some keywords that also have the same statistics, however, sometimes the person makes a further refinement on it and just not clicking.

Think I found it

Not to forget the good old google keywords tool


Thats what I’ve used, but I want a daily figure (accurate) which tells me how many times that keyword was searched.

Now that things have filtered through. Google webmaster allow you to see it, if Im looking at it right…

Have u tried Google keyword tool? It always provides accurate information for me.

yeah. google adwords keyword suggestion tools are very effective tools… that helps to researching keywords… it also gives search volume of the keywords…

No dude. Google keywords tool dont show you the exact number of searches. The search result s it shows you is based on a random survey. So never depend on the keyword tool.

@ dariussutherland:
why dont you try the google keyword estimator tool. You know what, all the keywords have specific number of clicks per day. You can find out what are the clicks behind your keywords with the keyword estimator tool.


Just used it.

How can it say around 4500 local monthly searches, then estimate a daily click of 0. That doesn’t make sense to me? Surely with all those searches, someone is going to click? only allows 1 search

What I am looking for is an accurate daily figure the term was searched. Only way I can (limited knowledge) see this is by setting my adwords to run and havee it placed somewhere on the 1st page, setting my budget high.

This tells me how many impressions on the keyword have been made in the day. So far it’s not as high as it makes out.

Another thing. Adwords suggested some keywords to me, told me it was around 1500 local monhtly searches, I ran that keyword through the keyword tool and lo and behold the figure is half that of the suggested one.

Getting numbers all over the place.

Surely there must be something that you can accurately ask, how many times was the keyword searched on a particular day or date range…

Here we go.

This is what I am experiencing…

The clicks is based on the Sponsored links which appear on the very top of the search results. And when if you can find a keyword with more than 3 clicks per day its enough. These clicks come in the form of conversion to your website.

My advise for you is to go for a keyword with at least 10,000+ local searches and 2-3 or more clicks per day.

Try this tool,surely it will help you to solve your problem.

Good Day

Thanks for that but found that a few days ago and it’s no longer working / phasing it out. Will try it again but doesn’t look good…

ok No worries, as soon as i ll find out some new tool for this prob will tell you.

Follow below factors to know keyword popularity

google keyword tool for firefox

google trend

google insigth search

Love the SEO toolbar, can now have everything in one place…

Google keyword tool is best, but be careful. A common mistake people make when using the tool is they do not select the “Exact” match option on the side bar. When you choose the Exact option the keywords will be encapsulated like so: [my keyword]. This is a very exact match for number of searches a month. Non encapsulated keywords result only in an estimated search of any mix of the keywords in the phrase mixed with other associated ones in the list… not trustworthy.