JUSTHOST is FRAUD! Guarantee agreement on their site is False

On May 9, I signed up for service with JUSTHOST.

On my first day with JUSTHOST, I started to learn that most of the statements on their site are false. Please look at this link on their site guarantees menu. Within that link, they claim, “We guarantee that you will be able to reach us and speak with a real human being, someone who speaks English and can answer your questions, fix your problems and help you resolve your issues.” This is a FRAUD. All members of their support team I have talked to do not speak good English and cannot help you resolve any issue. They are only there to advise you to send an email, which is usually answered about 6 hours later.

The money back guarantee is a fraud. For cancellation, you have to send them an email, which is not answered days after of your request. I have not yet received my refund or a cancellation confirmation email.

The accredited with Better Business Bureau is new as of 03/23/2009 and I assume their intention for joining was another fraud for new members to trust their site. There are already 10 similar reports of refund FRAUD.
On May 14, my account was suspended and I was asked to sign up for a dedicated server because I have exceeded the 10% usage. I contacted them on the phone to advise them that I was not planning to upgrade and need to remove my files. I was told that I needed to send an email.
I immediately sent them an email and they never replied. Six hours later, I sent them another email to ask for my files so I can cancel my account. No reply. On day two, I sent another email no reply. So far, I have sent them over 8 email with no reply.

Justhost is a FRAUD. They get you to sign up, suspend your account, and then force you to upgrade to a dedicated server. Their claim of me exceeding the 10% CPU is false because from my cpanel, I have never exceeded 7% and my site does not have the much traffic.
As of today, they have not confirmed my cancellation request or allowed me to get my files. I think this company is operated outside of the USA but is a reseller of another company like ThePlanet.

Please stay away from this company.

Cheap and Unlimited sounds good reasons to you? By myself I had to understand this!!!

I think this is one of those classic cases where 90% of the users are happy but 10% making all the noises on the net, while the other 90% staying quiet. I’ve seen this happen a lot.

Now I’m closing on 9 months with them.

The link was appropriate! It was a link to another review of justhost! I wanted to share this so the people who read this post get more stuff to read about justhost!


Gee, tell us what you REALLY think!

Thanks … a horror story that others should take heed and avoid justhost.

It’s also a good reminder to have your own backups (no need to fetch files off a “dead” server).




You didn’t say how you paid nor for how long.

On the assumption that you’ve paid by credit card (PayPal is next to worthless in supporting you against fraud), take screen capture shots of the Justhost pages with their guarantees and provide them to your cc company and tell them that you refuse payment on their charge for fraud. THEY can get your money back - but do it NOW!



And this is a classic example of how they sell their accounts using unlimited terms… however, in the background … terms like 10% cpu resource, limited file system usage, fair usage policy, etc… will certainly prevent you taking real benefit of unlimited disk space or bandwidth.

Now, this brings up an interesting question, Why People sign up for such hosts? When you have better ones around (Doreo, HostGator, BlueHost are all good), why people trust such hosts?

  1. They’re cheap
  2. They’re fooled by the “unlimited” thing

Unlimited is the best catch! Why don’t people understand that nothing is unlimited! I signed up for a host who provides 60 GB transfer per month and many advised me to not sign up with them and use others with “unlimited plans” instead. But I did not hear and result is my blog’s downtime! Just 30 min. in last 5 months!

To People Looking for Unlimited: This is a catch! :injured:

never trust a company that has unlimited space and bandwith. i will deal with a company like this. sorry this happened to you.

I really agree with you most of newbie never understand it and get stuck in such situation.

JUSTHOST remember! JUSTHOST remember! JUSTHOST remember!

Now, I do remember not to use JUSTHOST. :rolleyes:

Thanks for sharing. I feel sorry for you.

As suggested above, Unlimited Disk space and Bandwidth is just not possible and all the Hosts claiming to provide Unlimited Disk space and Bandwidth will do the same to you. We understand that Newbies in the Hosting industry go to them as they are not Experienced in the Industry. As you have an Experience now, do not choose the hosting provider who offers you Unlimited Disk space and Bandwidth.

Look for a hosting provider who offers 24x7 support, never claims to offer Unlimited Disk space or Bandwidth etc. Check the hosting provider thoroughly before you signup. The Response time. Contact with them 2-3 times before taking the Decision. You will find many more factors on this Forum. Check and then take a Decision.

  1. They’re cheap ?
  2. They’re fooled by the “unlimited” thing

It should be noted that they have not commited fraud in cutting you off, JustHosts one of the many who are guilty of what I commonly call the “Unlimited” lie or resource poisioning, essentially they quote themselves for marketing purposes as stating unlimited bandwidth and / or disk space however in their terms of usage policy state a fair use claim that they can essentially kill your service at any time if they feel you use too much of the unlimited stream. Personally I feel that any host advertising such services should be avoided because they are so desperate for customers they will stoop to using fraudalent marketing to cheat customers into believing a pipedream. While it would have been your responsibility to read the terms of service carefully, I urge anyone who diagrees with the unlimited lie or has been affected with the issue to take your concerns up with trading standards or to your country’s watchdog service (if you have one), the only way we can prevent people with no pre-requisite knowledge from being offered services the host is using slight of hand to avoid offering is to take the matter up with the bodies who protect consumers from such blatent acts of deception. :slight_smile:

I don’t agree, though unlimited is a bit overhyped, some shared hosting do really pretty close to their promise.

As for justhost, thanks for the alert, I will avoid them.

All of the good alternatives mentioned in this thread also offer “unlimited” something in their advertising. Providers that don’t offer unlimited in their advertising are at a disadvantage compared to those that do.

The thing some people don’t do before signing up is to read through the list of exactly what you get and what things are limiited. There will always be limits on something.

For example BlueHost offer unlimited disk space but if you go over 50,000 files then they will ask you to remove some to bring you back under that limit. Since they don’t limit the space each file can use you really do get unlimited space but since in practical terms files for use on the web tend to be relatively small it means that it is unlikely that anyone will use a huge amount of space without running into the number of files limit. (That file limit was imposed because of the way having extremely large number of files on an account can dramatically increase the amount of time needed to bring a server back up after a crash and so is actually a benefit to those using the hosting).

That doesn’t necessarily mean that all hosting that offers “unlimited” something is necessarily good or bad. You need to look past the marketing claims to see what they are really providing - but then too many people just tick the “I agree” box without having read the terms of service where all the restrictions are listed.

Stephen is correct. With the right provider, you do get value for the money, sometimes great value, even though you can’t really expect infinite space and transfer.

Exactly, but I guess that’s because some people wants to believe that it exist, no matter how many warnings they hear about hosts wiht offers like that.:rofl: Just imagine if its true… :stuck_out_tongue: