HOSTNINE - An independent review!

Hey guys! I am posting this thread to share the worst hosting experience in my life – HOSTNINE! Please, remember this company forever and avoid their services! I ordered their Basic package 4 days ago and I have NO hosting NO REFUND now! They told me my account was marked as fraud! It is the best way to deceive a client! I know exactly, I have paid honestly using my own CC! I have provided my passport scanned photo to allow them to verify my account! Account wasn’t unsuspended in a results, no normal explanations have been provided! Dear HOSTNINE support team, I would like to share my bad experience with you all over the world! I am not a dog and don’t like to see your stupid jokes! Guys, avoid this company – they deceive people!

Nice to here you have found each other. But seems that ticket was lost and that was the main reason in delay with reply? I would suggest andyhowie give a call provider once ticket is not answered for few days.
That will speedup ticket reviewing


I just found your ticket in the managers queue and will be handling it immediately.

Our windows hosting was not discontinued officially we just don’t have room for any new accounts and it’s not in the new reseller central at this time.

Any and all existing windows accounts remain online and fully supported. A public notice about the windows status is going to be made Monday.

A refund will be provided and as I said any and all existing windows accounts are online and fully support. We just don’t have room for new accounts and cannot continue to provide windows hosting at this time. I’m not sure why people should avoid us at all costs as we are an extremely reputable company that has been in business since 2006. We simply are choosing not to provide any new windows services due to the lack of demand and constant windows OS issues.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this caused you but will happily refund the money you requested.

Avoid HostNine at all cost!!! I have been a web developer for over 15 years and have never dealt with a company with worse customer service or policies. They took my money and did not give me the service they claimed they would. Left me holding the bag with a client and had to delay a family vacation departure by 5 hours while I figured out where to put my clients website. I ended up putting them on a godaddy hosting. Which means I am also missing out on $20 a month income from the hosting fees. They have literally cost me hundreds of dollars and every month is costs me more!

They just canceled their Windows reseller hosting without even telling their clients. And then threatened me and told me they would send me to collections if I called my credit card company for a call-back.

Avoid them!!!

Why don’t you contact your CC company and request them to withdraw the money?

I’m sure I speak for everyone when I express our collective gratitude for your “independent review”.

Money may return in 15 days after refund.

Or if they declined your card as fraud then they have not charged your card at all but your bank blocked money. These money would be released in a month. You have to speak with your bank.

I do not think they did something bad. Fraud is really a big problem but you overreacted and this looks suspicious.

You had to stop when they asked scan of passport.

Your card was not charged if that had been determined as fraud order. You have 60 days to ask for charge back.

They have the right to reject or accept an order. But it is also important that you should get a refund. Every company has their own fraud checking mechanisms and if they have some doubts in your order they will with hold you and ask for more proofs and even they have the right to cancel your order. In that case we can say nothing because they are the sole authority to decide whether they want to business with you or not.

As it turned out to be later they are honest company and they have already provided me with a refund! I am sorry for my being angry at that time, I was kicked a bit by my boss, but everything is ok now! I understand now this company is not guilty in this situation and I will kick my bank representatives as much as I can tomorrow. I am sorry guys for these posts! It was just misunderstanding!

Working with HostNine for 2 years - no problem at all - like their service exept billing kinda “tricky”, but it’s cause i need the payment source each time, but its my own fault. H9 Hosting worth the money.

Glad to see that you got it sorted out finally. Proper communication can be always helpful to avoid problems like this. Convey this tip to your Boss :wink:

Working with this company for at least two years now and I haven’t had any problems, servers are fast and no down time!