WARNING: 600Host.net is cheater?

Hello everybody

Need your help or any advice

The thing is that my domain registrar 600Host.Net hasn’t renewed my domain which I have paid in-time for. The invoice for renewal was generated, I paid for it in time, after that there were no reminders or alerts via email. And then, I find out that the domain belongs to another person!

I decided to go to the forum, to make 600Host.Net start doing anything, because they say nothing at live chat, they ignore my internal support tickets, do not reply on my direct emails sent to sales@600host.net. The only adequate reply I got was in January from their sales manager Robert King, who has just accepted their fault. After that no update or reply on my reminders coming from them.

Are there any options to make them reply and handle, because I need that domain. The domain was to be sold during the CAP 2013 in London at the end of January, but now I have to show this thread to my client so that they do not think I have sold the agreed domain for a better price or something

Glad that this domain was for sale and was not active in my webprojects’ portfolio, otherwise it would be a horror if I built up some good webproject, invested money and time, and then just ran after 600Host.net begging them to give me my business back. Madness, really madness!!

Any thoughts or advices?

from the screenshots you can see that the domain was renewed in time, that the system shows the domain is mine

but when you go to the domain you will see the sale landing page from another hoster and whois will show the other owner, registrar and the server

Did you authorize PayPal to pay on a subscription basis?



Bro, do they have their any contact number or address written on their website ? try to contact them

The best thing for you is to just do a simple search on Google and check other threads, mentions about 600 host and post your conversations/mails exchanged with them there.

They should atleast apologize and convey the same to you.

Have you checked the who.is data of who owns the domain now?

You can contact the concerned person and try to get back the domain.

Sympathies - you expect this stuff to be done on autopilot - and you have not received that.

For a domain to be taken from you takes a looooong time. Did you not have your email address in the admin of the domain registration?

Hope you sort it. Else move it :expressionless:


no I just pay manually each time I get the reminder
actually I made a list and pay prior the reminder, so that no domain is lost

this time I did the same, paid prior the expiration date
but then found out that the domain doesn’t belong to me anymore :frowning:

hi Bro

I have opened a support ticket, after few replies they forwarded me to the 600Host.net sales manager Robert King, who told they made a mistake and are investigating it. Another month has gone and no reply on my reminders. That is why I am here, searching for solution

btw, if you know any authorities who can make the registrar to become active and start replying on my email and do anything,

btw, I paid with moneybookers and have the transaction number for renewing
but guys, as said before, they just do not reply :frowning:

so advise pls any authority which would help me