i am interested in the Unlimited Domain Hosting from justhost…
has anybody hosting with them? What are they like??

I’ve been testing them out for some 6 months now. The start was unpleasant, with server performance a disappointment. In the last 3 months or so though, they server’s flying. Uptime is good too, so far.


That being said, they have been bought by EIG some 3-4 months ago, and this company has a habit of migrating everything over to its vDeck based hosting platform, which isn’t all that great, in just about any aspect you can think of.

I just registered and could not be activated, due to their security issues. There are too many bureaucracy and many steps to complete in order to be activated. So I was disappointed, I got money back only after 40 days. If they have security issues, they don’t have to retrieve money before assuring that credit card owner allowed to do so. They retrieved money before assuring and in order to activate, they called whether the credit card owner allowed or not. Even if the credit card owner assured that the payment is okey, Justhost just not activated the account and when we asked to pay back, they said to wait for 40 days. It was really disappointing.

I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews on this provider. Be sure to do your research and check out the review section.

There are many other hosting companies out there. i suggest you visit them and try to look for reviews. By doing so, you will surely find the best one out there.

They are one of the biggest providers over there and no wonder at all they have mixed reviews about their services.
I always recommend you give a try to the company if you really like them.
Also you need to remember that reviews describe someones experience and that does not mean you will have the same. Good luck.

Their support isn’t what I’d call “good” but as long as you are fairly self-sufficient you should be ok. Personally I’d search on WHT (http://www.webhostingtalk.com/search.php / http://www.screen-shot.net/WHTSearch.png) for reviews before pulling the trigger.

I have been using them for the past year and I have not have a problem at all. I use justhost and hostgator for most of my hosting services

There are also several good web sites such as webhostingstuff and ratepoint.com where you will be able to find more information about this provider also. Good luck

HostGator support is pretty good from my experiences - have you used JustHost’s support much?

I have tried Justhost and it is such a horrible experience for me because for me they stole my money. This is for my opinion only maybe I wasn’t just lucky enough or maybe it is just part of their routine. If I were you you might want to consider other hosting sites.

I think there is another thread about justhost as scam. And I personally have heard a lot of negative feedback about justhost, so better research meticulously first before you decide on asking for their service.

…and also, I think it is a good idea too to pm those people here who have problems with justhost.

I’ve read similar experiences from users on WHT.