Open Scam by JustHost.Com Read This

I have Bought A hosting plan from Just Host which was meant to be £1.95 per month with a 5 years contract. But they charged me £117 which is 5 years money in one go. So I asked them to transfer me to one month plan and they said they did and refunded rest of the money.
But They actually charged me £94.80 more rather than refunding which is £211.80 in total.
I emailed them and they said that they didn’t charge me again but refunded the money and there is no record for second payment.

** I was charged £117 on 31st of Augast (Transaction description on statement- INT’L 0049668212 farehame ).

** I was again charged on 31st of Augast (Transaction description on statement-INT’L 0049668211 farehame ).

Carges from justhost --------- £211.80
Bank charges for overdraft ---------- £25.00

Total Amount Dedacted from my Bank— £236.80

The bank charged me £25 because of going overdraft and they are not meant charge me more instead of returning my money which is the reason for going overdraft.

So All I wanted was The monthly plan of and it even said the domain was free. So Why they wanted to charge £22.90 for the first month. I need a breakdown and why.

Their sales page-

I am very unsatisfied with their service and won’t hasited to share it all in places like Warrior Forum, Digital point and other webmaster forums.

I am sure other people had problems with them and we should all report to police as this is not on.

Doesn’t make it a good forum. Just because it has more activity it doesn’t mean it is better.

Back to the point at home, they are very misleading about there charges though.

Specifically, they do NOT tell you that the free domain ONLY applies to yearly plans. I have reviewed ALL the Terms, and policies, no where is this mentioned, and until you get to the purchase page, do you find this out. (which does not have a cancel or back button). Which I think is a low tactic to use…

Also, ALL their purchase pages do NOT say the price they list is for yearly paying only also. Their page states that hosting is $3.95 a month. Not “Starting at”, or “as low as”, which is also, a pathetic marketing tactic, and misleading also.

I wouldn’t bother going to Digital Point, terrible forum now.

I used to be with Just Host and then moved to a friends host to support him, but when I was with Just Host they were perfect.

I’m seeing that forum a bit more active then this one so I believe there you will be able to find more info

They didn’t charge you without your knowledge. Look at their signup page it specifically tells you HOW MUCH they are charging you. The second charge was probably an error, but the initial charge was your own fault for not looking at the page… Its pretty clear…

They didn’t scam you, maybe there was some error. You should solve that with them. When you are signing up for 5 (or 1, 2, 3…) year web hosting contract (to take advantage of lower price) it is normal to pay the whole sum at once. It is so with every web host. This is form their website: “Remember you receive a FREE domain name with all Just Host yearly plans.” So there is no free domain with monthly plans. They should have return to you £94.80, not charge you that amount. If they did, that must be an error, just send them bank statement. They are reputable company, not fraudsters. My friend is hosting with them and he’s very satisfied.

I wouldn’t bother going to Digital Point, terrible forum now.

I used to be with Just Host and then moved to a friends host to support him, but when I was with Just Host they were perfect.

directly charge to your bank? or is it credit card?
for the case, its advice to file a credit card dispute case as your transaction is not as authorized.

i have personally bound into bad hosts before, filling credit card dispute case oftenly solved the problem related to billing. Always check your credit card statement and do filling when its occur.