I've made some HTML and CSS beginner tutorials for you

Hey guys. I’ve made two videos so far to help you get started with HTML and CSS and I think you’ll like them, they’re a little different than your average tutorial video. Not trying to sell anything or ask for patreon or anything like that, just 100% free.

Intro to HTML

CSS: The Basics

Please let me know what you think! Thanks for being a cool community.

Welcome to the forums, @RoboSquidTV. Are you looking for a review, or would you like to start a discussion?

If you would like a review, could you please list for us the specific areas that you would like us to comment on. If you would like to start a discussion, could you please clarify what you would like to discuss.

Hey @WebMachine! I suppose I could have had a clearer thought processes in the original post, but of course all comments are welcome, about the videos or the content in them.

I would love to know if anyone is a beginner if these videos have helped you at all, and if not what they could do better to help you.

If you are not a beginner I assume these videos don’t help you very much but if you think there is something that can be done better I am all ears.

Otherwise I’m here with answers to any questions anyone may have about the content of these videos to help anyone get started.

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