I’m really liking the tutorials on sites such as http://tympanus.net/codrops/category/tutorials/ and http://tutorialzine.com/category/tutorials/

so I’m looking for more of them. I really like the php / javascript / JQuery / css3 kind of stuff so would really appreciate some referals. I’ve tried nettuts but most of them are too advanced. I’m really looking for tutorials that show you how to do lots of cool things with these languages.

Thanks in advance - look forward to seeing all your suggestions

I’ll contribute…

http://www.websitecodetutorials.com/ is a good one.

And http://www.pmob.co.uk/

And http://hibbard.eu/

And http://www.css-lab.com/

And http://css-tricks.com/

And http://www.cssplay.co.uk/

Nice! I have a lot to get through on there. On ther first one, what tutorial do I look for to make my clouds move like yours. Is it easy to turn these clouds into moving ones?

I havnt put that together yet. But here is the thread on how http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?971442-Long-shot-but-can-anyone-tell-me-how-to-accomplish-this

Can you do a tutorial? I’ve looked at the thread and I am a beginner with this kind of stuff. I am learning well via step by step tutorials. I mean can I just take a background like the one in here in my site and make the clouds move? I made the clouds so they are layered etc. Is it easy? Can it be done with just css or is it a muct job for js?

Your link wouldn’t work for me. Lol no I’m sorry. I will in a few months but I don’t have time to do anything at the moment. But if you post your attempt in the javascript section I’m sure someone will help you.

I’ll try…

Can you tell me of a tutorial that covers side tabs. Ones that pop out on hover? What are they called and are they done with javascrpt / jquey or css?

the designs looks fine and good but has no sequence in learning as most people need an order to follow and implement the those steps. So hope for another tutorial to get full exposure into it.

If you are looking for the tutorial that can teach you then i think w3school site is best one to learn.

I was really looking for tutorials to get to know the best ways to use these languages and kind of like a showcase of what can be done with them. i found codecanyon which is pretty good although not free but cheap none the less