It's about the beginning of html and css

Hello am new to the software developing community
I’ve been trying to work thing out by watching tutorials on YouTube but its seems am finding it difficult, but i really want to know more about html and css. Any good suggestions for me on how to study more abut this incredible software developing stuff??

I started with - Somewhat outdated but still the most pedagogic tool IMHO.

Another sources are Freecodecamp and Sitepoint

Do not use video tutorials. In video tutorials you cannot choose your speed of learning. You have to follow the speed of the tutor or you for- and rewind most the time, but learn nothing.

Use a book or article so you can set the speed of learning by reading slower or faster or just re-read one sentence if needed.


Thanks sir

Yes, as Thallius said, do not use YouTube. Well use it if it works for you but your use of videos, especially YouTube, is the likely explanation for why it has been difficult for you to progress. I have tried to use YouTube videos and seen many but none have helped me much. There was one that was about 40 minutes long and the useful part was about 3 minutes long and could have easily been provided as text, not a video.

I think there are many reasons why a written article is more likely to be useful. One reason is (it seems likely to me that) an author is more likely to improve something written than a presenter is to edit a video.

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