I need help to learn web development

Hi, I am Paul and am a SEO worker. But, now I want to learn web development. I want to start from HTML, CSS. One of my friend told me to learn free tutorials from w3schools. But, I am not understanding them properly. I want some video tutorials on HTML. Which site will be the first to learn HTML, CSS with video.
Thanks in advance.

Perhaps you could try the TutsPlus videos (you’ll probably have to pay, though). The tutorials on Codecadamy (free) may be easier to understand than W3Schools, too, but they do not offer video tutorials.

Thanks for your reply. Hope, I will learn from codeacademy but It will be best if I found video tutorial.

Hi Paul,

First off please don’t use W3 schools, they do not have the best practices.

SitePoint has a couple of great books, including Build Your Own Website the Right Way using HTML and CSS

If you prefer video, there are some great tutorials over at Learnable.com including one that uses Build Your Own Website the Right Way using HTML and CSS as a source book.

If you prefer learning on the web in a text based medium you can use Opera Web Standards Curriculum

Good luck.

Me too, looking for a good wysiwyg editor - are there any open source ones available for a starter?

Hi, trishacornelius, I am very much happy that you replied with some great suggestions. I downloaded the HTML book by sitepoint and undoubtedly it is great book than any others from my collection. This book is written in a very simple way that anyone can learn easily from it. And, what I will tell about learnable. It is a very good tutorial site. I tried some video tutorials from youtube but they are not like the videos of learnable. Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

you can also join htmlforums for help.