It's been more than a year since you updated your personal info

Today I received an ebay email saying that it’s been more than a year since I updated my info.

I don’t know about everyone else, but this expectation for my details to significantly change in less than a 10-year period seems rather excessive. Am I just the exception?

Do others here have details that significantly change from year to year to year?

The only thing of mine that changes from one year to the next is my age! :biggrin:


You forget the loss of the hair on the head and increase of hairs in nose and ears :rofl:


I keep getting that. I always mean to go through it all just to stop the emails, but I don’t think I ever have. I wonder if the emails stop if you don’t make any changes.

Stupid question, but are you sure it was from ebay?
(Insert standard “Beware of email links” type text here for those that follow.)

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Hrm, good point. The email says that it’s from

The email header seems to indicate that google trusts the origin
Received-SPF: pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender)

The link is to,

It all seems legit, but that’s how they get you.

Let’s follow the link though and find out where it takes me.

It loads up a page at the domain of in bold, compared with the rest of the text in the location bar. That’s a good confirmation.

I do already have an ebay account in my password folder, and it’s a unique password with no pattern used in its generation, so there’s no risk of leakage there.

My password vault autofills in the ebay fields. That’s a good sign.

They were just wanting to confirm my phone number and email, of which they showed them to me with some parts disguised.

If there was any doubt about things at all though, I would not click on anything in the email and instead just go to the website, and log in separately myself. They even support that kind of idea by explicitly stating: “All you have to do is go to eBay and take a look at your personal info to confirm that it’s still correct.”

Oh, ahh - I guess I should have read this over first before diving head in

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It’s always a good check to do, juuuust in case. But yeah, seems this was legit.

As to why? … cheap way of getting you to come back to a site you havent been to in a long while? Marketing by harassment? (wouldnt be the first or last…)

Legitimate concern about making sure your address is up to date so they can ship you stuff? Not really likely if you havent been doing business with them, but its a flimsy enough pretext for the previous…

Card info expiry? Phone number changed? New email address because your work company has changed? (Lotta that as well the last 2 years…)

That was my tought precisely :smiley:

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