Thanks for all your help!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has helped me and answered my questions over the last few months. I released my site 3 days ago (brand new URL) and after 3 days I come at the top of Google for slight variations on my main keywords! :smiley:

I’m quite surprised, I only have a handful of inbound links - but the way I’ve laid out the site seems to have made a huge difference. Thank you! :eye:

Nice one thetafferboy83!!

Can you let us know if your rankings change in google? It will give us some real world data re the ‘google ageing delay’

i don’t expect there to be any ageing filter, because from what i’ve read it normally only applies to websites such as loans etc, where there is a high instance of spamming/black hat… there would be no need for such methods in the area i am targetting, because there is generally not enough revenue in it… it is still fairly competitve i come top of google for “myspace + keyword” :slight_smile:

The way I understood it was that new sites rank fairly well, even for competitive keywords but for a short period only, before disappearing into oblivion for up to a year.

This is an excellent opportunity to test the theory (and I hope I’m wrong!) :smiley:

me too

I’ll let you know how it goes!

How did it go

I am ranking quite high so far on one keyword, want variations to start filtering through but I am up on page 1, pos 2. Granted it’s not a competetive keyword all in all but it’s local.

My site has moved up on a daily basis for the 1st 7 days, new domain name and it’s still there after 1 month I think

so how did you go…did it drop out of SERPS

2 things…
1/ the thread is from 2006
2/ thetafferboy83 is a non-member now so he wont be able to reply…!