Amazon Fraud Order

I just discovered that someone " Silver Sage Construction, Inc. " has used my account and ordered them a Nikon Digital Camera in July! My bad that I did not catch it early enough. Now it passed the credit card company’s 2 months window.

I did a search and found their phone number that matches their address. No-one picked the phone and one of the voicemail box is full.

Send an email to, no response yet. Now I feel how frustrating it is that they do not list their phone number. Anyone know Amazon’s phone number?

Any advice or tips to get this solved would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Their legal department is 206-266-4064 and their customer service number is 800-201-7575.

Good luck with it!


You are so helpful. Thank you for the phone number. I have searched for a good hour, and could not find the numer. Are you an Amazon investor? :slight_smile:

I found some more information. The person that the camera was shipped to responded to my email, and told me he purchased that camera from ebay. Now things get complicated. Looks like the ebay seller hacked into my Amazon account and placed the order.

I cannot believe it that I did not get any email notification about this order.

Another serious flaw is when you change your email address with amazon, they only send a notification to the new email address. Shouldn’t they send a notification to the old email as well?

Just glad to be of help. I can be your worst nightmare if I think I have been wrong so I sort of make it a habit of knowing phone number (I don’t go away easily) LOL

Now it does sound really complicated. Hopefully you can change your passwords. I would change all your passwords and also make sure that those passwords are not something easy. For example, some people user their initials and then part of the site - like crbebay. Of course, that is not my password, only an example. Sure easy for you to remember, but easily hacked. I usually change all my passwords at least once every six weeks. Well, after I change them, they usually get changed again because I have a hard time remembering them :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully eBay will work with you on it & alleviate the problem very soon

What kind of credit card only has a 2 month review limit?

Was it a debit card?

First thing you should do is switch to a company with more robust fraud protection.

as far as passwords go… try doing something like




or an anagram with numbers tagged on

timpw19 (this is my password 19)

Those should all be easy to remember but hard to hack.

Of course… if you get a key logger installed it doesn’t matter how good your password is.

Also, sometimes what hackers do is hack into an unrelated site that doesn’t secure their passwords. This happened to me (I think).

I registered for a phpbb forum and phpbb does not encrypt passwords in the database (or they didn’t at that time, they might now). I used the same email & password I use at paypal… whoops my account is hacked, despite the fact that my password was alphanumeric.

So, when the software being used is something I know encrypts passwords, like vbulletin does, I don’t worry, but when its unknown software I never use my “secure” passwords.

The credit card that I use with is American Express. I think it is normal that credit card company gives you a 2 months review period, am I wrong?

I hate to switch it because it is Starwood Amex - the best reward card in the market.

Password - My password is moderate level, I probably should change all them. I use ewallet to store all my passwords. I feel it’s safe.

For general sites, I use generic easy password. But for financial sites, I use secure passwords.

Amazon replied with an email and promise to look into it. No word of action yet.

Oh no. Amex has the best policy for consumers.

I think its 12 months and if its a card not present transaction its basically guaranteed to go in your favor.

Call them up.

I called them again, and got transferred to fraud department this time. I was told the billing review period is 60 days. But there is no limit on fraud. Since I have already paid for that bill, I assumed the liability, and they cannot guarantee it will be solved. But they are setting up the case to investigate and will send me a letter. The lady did not sound friendly and tried to “set” my expectations. I asked her a few hard questions and asked her help. We will see what happens.

that seems a little screwy. The Gov mandates consumers can only be liable for up to $50 in fraudulent charges.

Here is the latest development. Amazon replied and admitted it is unauthorized order, closed my account and wait for Amex’s chargeback. I called Amex, and the lady did not sound friendly, just told me they have their own way of investigating, nothing is needed from me, not even the response from Amazon which admitted the fraud. And told me to be patient and wait for 30 days response. I don’t know about you, but Amex fraud personnel does not sound very helpful at all.

I couldn’t help and went ahead contact the seller on ebay, she immediately replied and said she had no idea and expressed that she is willing to refund me directly. And she said she does not know the gentlemen (who she is selling camera for) is a crook.

At this point, I am confident that I can get my money back even though it happended five months ago.

I’ve had to file fraud charges with Amex on a couple of occasions, each time they handled it quickly and to my satisfaction.

Yes, as a merchant I fear Amex cards because of their pro-customer policies. I have zero chance of winning regardless of evidence thanks to automatic enrollment of most new internet merchants into their no-dispute policy.