Email Been Hacked

I think my email has been hacked by soime Viagra toting spammers. Its been a long while since I’ve dealt with something like this. From the email it looks like they hacked an address book from my IP (att) online portal and not from my actual computer. Any recommendations?

Haven’t you used firewall or any other online protection software? PrevX is great too…

i didn’t sign up for the viagra thing but my friends told me that my email account is keep on sending them links from that site! shame on that thing! never been interested on that from the first place…sigh i already change the password. what am i supposed to do?

Yes, the spammer hacked the old contacts from the Yahoo account and sent them email. I chaged everything. Hopefully the problem is solved.

When you signed up then if you have used an alternate e-mail or a security question then it is possible to get your hacked account back.

BTW, I HATE the fact that ATT hooked up with Yahoo and now has all this profile stuff linked together. I set everything to private but its obvious that this is where they got the email addresses from and used my email to send out their Viagra spam. I’m steamed.

So you can not access your email now? Or did you find out your email are sending messages to your contacts? Maybe by changing passwords you can stopped it from sending mails.