Is there any one can help this lonely guy?

Hey all,

I got rejection because of my design UX. Here is my theme :

Here is what reviewer said
“Nice idea, but usability for this conversion is pretty low. Theme is also very distracting and confusing too. Please make major improvements in those two areas.”

I worked like 2 months on my this item. I am totally locked up.


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Hi @Daniyal_Ahmed, and welcome to the forums.

I’ve temporarily unlisted your topic, as it is not at all clear what you’re asking. You will always stand a much better chance of getting assistance if you give your thread a relevant title, rather than something which looks more appropriate to a dating site.

[quote=“Daniyal_Ahmed, post:1, topic:206952”]
I got rejection because of my design UX.
[/quote]Please explain. Rejection from where?

What sort of help are you looking for here? Are you looking for advice on how to improve the theme, or what? I’m also having difficulty with the link you supplied. The link takes an age to load, and then all I see is a blank page. (I’ve tried two different browsers.) Are you sure it’s correct?

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I have submitted my theme on themeforest market place. I need some feedback how to improve my item in terms of UX.

Please try demo link now, it should work in any case.


I can see what the reviewer meant about usability. On the landing page I just saw two images and had no idea what to do. I couldn’t scroll, so I thought there were just two images there and nothing else. So it needs to be a lot clearer to a site visitor how the page works—with calls to action etc.

Other than that, it seems OK to me. I could get picky and say that some things like the FAQ don’t work is JS fails, and not all of the content is tab-friendly, though that’s not unique in off-the-shelf templates.

Overall, I like it. It’s well done and it looks great. I think it would be over the top for anything but a portfolio or a model showcase, but as a design I like it. I think it’s mostly clear what a user needs to do on most of it, but @ralphm had a good point about the landing page and the new tab from the center menus.

The only thing I can say that I don’t like, is the explosion on the screen with the buttons on the Designer part. As a user, it disrupts what I think is normal more than I’m comfortable with. The actual effect is nice looking, but from a usability standpoint being split apart, messing up the background image, then all coming back together and changing for a hover over is… “unnerving” I guess is the right word for it? As a user, I feel like I broke something or did something wrong.

The height for the center portion could probably be increased too. It feels squished.

But like I said, I like it other than that. The design, the feel, the look, the transitions all looks good.

I just got a blank black page…???

Huh, what device/browser are you viewing it on?

I just saw a black space? I’m waiting for it to load up but its just a plain black screen? Please make sure that is accessible.

I think something is broken somewhere.

Using Firefox latest I get a black page.

If I refresh then I get 2 images “designer” and “model”

If I click either of those, then I get pages with navigation menus

First of thank you so much all of you guys, i never thought i can get that much response.

and other who are getting blank, can please let me know which browser you guys were using and if possible can please let me device screen resolution please ?

Thanks all.

I was surprised when I tried the link on a mobile. A JavaScript countdown() from 100 started before two large images appeared. No instructions so all that is left to do is to try clicking an image?

I tried running the web-page through these these free online site checks:

Why is there so many JavaScript files and icons loaded?

Same here in Firefox (41.0.2), all black until I refresh. I would never have thought to refresh it if I had not read the post, so it would be a definite bounce if I had landed there.
The start page doesn’t seem to be at all responsive, even though the css has a million media queries :confused:
The other pages are responsive, but have loads of css files with loads more queries, even though, the way it responds looks as though it only needs one.
A bit too slow, bloated and reliant on js for my liking.
From a design point of view, it is nice, but from a technical and UX point of view it is poor IMO.

And the results were?..

Firefox 4.20 here on a Macbook Air so 1440x900

Actually the landing page i made is just for marketing purpose - its not the actuall theme may be i will remove it or improve it but that doesn’t matters.

Actual theme came after when you click any of those two images. I was looking for review for that particular thing.


Taking the landing page out of consideration does improve things a lot. It’s the first thing you see and it doesn’t work, so made a bad first impression.

It would be fairly easy to re-create the landing page, fully responsive with just pure css & html, there’s no need for all that js drag and bloat that I’m guessing is what is causing the black screen problem. Keep things simple, don’t make anything more complex than it needs to be.

Failed the Google Mobile Test because of being too wide.

Passed the HTML validation checks.

Over 100 CSS errors on third test.

Pingdiom speed tests showed page load just over one second for over one Meg page size and a lot of JavaScript files that should be combined.

For a demonstration showpiece I would have expected results with fewer errors.

I did try the Mobile Test. The landing page failed for obvious reasons, but the actual proper pages passed.

I have made important changes, please if any got a chance may have a look.

Thank you so much all. You guys are amazing !!