Review my new site

Hello good fellows,

Please kindly inspect my new site and tell me everything i need do supporting your reasons with examples… Thanks in advance

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Homepage Only.

Validate your HTML. !important

Images are jumping around. Seriously.

The Register Now button seems to be floating loose. Depends on the width of the viewport.

Blinking buttons near the bottom are distracting.


Plesae, anything else?

I’ve temporarily unlisted your topic, @vfbennyme, because you haven’t followed the review guidelines in the FAQs.

is much too broad, and not really an appropriate request. Please read the guidelines, and then provide more information as required. I’ll then be happy to relist the topic.

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My apologies to the entire community I love being here and cannot afford to lose you guys as you always do … well, first of all is the homepage style (i.e the sidebar and horizontal navigation bar design, color, content and placement) pls, something for the horizontal nav bar:

as the whole idea is to excite visitors (students) to register for tests and win prizes hence the 4 bottom sliders with 4 buttons below (i.e take exam & win prizes); though I will change it to 3 botttom sliders
Slider1: scrolling text (moving up slowly)

Slider2: background images (student answering MCQs, shopping gift cards, winner(s) going shopping/shopping with gift card etc) with text: TAKE EXAM & WIN PRIZES on it fading in & out slowly simultaneously

Slider3: pics of tech widgets (background) & text: TAKE EXAM & WIN PRIZES on it fade in and out
then after that’s done the picture fades in and out slowly separately

Secondly, the content for about wyp challenge, etc and ultimately the functionalities…

Notwithstanding, tell me if these added changes would be necessary to work the magic for the idea and if otherwise please suggest what’d work for this UI & UX.
Thanks great people lucky meeting you.

just important information that I failed to mention on my first post
Pls, here’s login credentials (i.e enter your mail but pass: testing) to look into the forms design.

My best regards

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@TechnoBear I hate posting in the Design & UX category because my questions are almost always unanswered especially while I need help badly, though I knew this was the exact category to post this question, I resorted to using the community cat. Pls I need help ASAP! THANKS

Sorry, but as you can imagine, the forums would soon descend into chaos if everyone posted where they thought they were most likely to get a reply, rather than in the correct category.

I can’t help much with your site, beyond saying that without JavaScript enabled, the menu overlies the content. I enabled JavaScript, but there is too much movement on the page and I was unable to stay there long enough to look properly. (This is precisely the reason I keep JS disabled by default,) The “slider” is very jumpy and is particularly disorientating when seen at the same time as the flashing buttons. There seems to be no way to stop the slider, which is bad UX.

Animation should almost always be user controlled or very short in duration. Images that continually animate can cause the rest of the page to be more difficult, or for users with very high levels of distractibility, totally inaccessible.

Please I have redeployed my site so kindly relook at it: and prompt me what’s still wrong
speed of image is unstoppable?

With JS enabled, I see no change.

With JS disabled, I took a brief look at your content and the first thing I would say is to proof-read your text. Sentences like this:

get prepare your selft and win excoting prizes

are not going to lead anybody to believe this is a serious educational site.

I also think you need a clear explanation on your home page of what your site is about: who it’s for, how it works, etc. You also need more detailed information about the exams/prizes: how many prizes are awarded for each exam and what the criteria is for winning those prizes. That might be OK in a TOS page, provided it’s easy to find.

(Disabling the “Back” function globally on your site is very frustrating for a visitor, but I see you are addressing this issue in another topic.)

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It is a dynamic text and we can edit this text from admin side

Hmm… any help on how to overcome this jumpy slider, menu overlying the content?..

I can’t make any suggestions about the slider. You could try asking for assistance in the JS forum, or you could look for another slider.

As far as the menu goes, I don’t understand why you’re using JS in the first place. It’s a simple drop-down menu, which you could create with HTML/CSS alone.

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Nope. The horizontal menu is of HTML/CSS but the sidebar has some JS in it.

I don’t see a sidebar. I see a horizontal menu which looks like this with JS enabled:

and like this with JS disabled:

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Sorry then I have failed again, please click on the exam portal icon and you get a drop down…

Sorry, but that just looks like a site logo. There is nothing to indicate that there is a menu there. Why would you create a separate, hidden menu for the important information, like what the site is actually about and how it works?

I thought that was not Call-to-action stuff so I chose to ignore it

Imagine that a new user arrives at your site for the first time. What is the first thing they want to know? Surely that would be things like “What is this site? How does it work? How do I use it?” Until people have that information, they’re very unlikely to respond to any “call to action”, because they have no idea what they’re being invited to act upon.

Think about the site from your visitors’ point of view. After all, isn’t that who you’re building it for?


Please look into my user forms and suggest the fields necessary to collect for exam form (i.e what to include and what not) and form ayout (i.e content arrangement/placement)
Site url: & form authentication (mail: & password: testing)
Thanks alot!