Is there any hosting for 10 years?

I know web hosting is onlyfor one year . but i need 10 year hosting.

You can host your site for as long as you like. Normally you’d pay once per year, but some hosts let you pay several years in advance. But it’s not a great idea, as you may want to change hosts at some point.

You can request the host and it will send you an invoice for 10 years billing.
Even some host can you give you 10% or so discount also if you pay for 10 years in one go.
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but i need 10 year hosting.

If memory serves me right Dreamhost used to sell 10 year hosting, but I don’t think they do anymore. Such long contracts are quite unusual, but 3 year billing should be reasonably easy to find. A lot can happen in 3 years, and a lot more in 10. The Internet and the businesses that rely on it are still very young. A lot of companies change dramatically in 10 years, not to mention the number of them that go out of business.

Technology is constantly changing, do not lock yourself for 10 years. May be in future hosting charges may come down like electronic goods. And if something happened and you would like to switch to another web hosting provider, then you will waste what you have already paid. Think carefully.

Will we have hosting in 10 years? i think it will be another version of cloud or something more advanced.
What if net connection will become very reliable, fast and computers will be just 1 solid board. Will you need hosting? Probably you will keep all at home or in the office.
Who knows. :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard of a 10-year contract for web hosting.

The longest period of time I’ve seen advertised is 3 years (36 months). Even with that length of time, the technology landscape can be uncertain.

i dont think timelines are fixed, u can host as much time u need, but only certain charges will be applicable. has 10 year domain registration… It is unlikely they are going anywhere as they are a very well run financially stable company. I have been with them for 12 years and even though I renew yearly I have been very happy with them. I get emails only when the domain is up for renewal and only a few times in the last 12 years where they have emailed important company/industry news.(BTWI don’t work for them or even get anything for recommending them).


I agree, you can always renew, but you do get discounts from companies if you sign up for longer. I know the hosting company I work for offers up to a four year hosting plan and has a hosting for life promotion going on at the moment. Every company’s different though, its just a matter of how you want to manage your money/domain name.

There are some companies who are charging one time for even life long.
We suggest you to select the company and then request the company to issue you an invoice for 10 years charge.
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Don’t think you read the original OP’s post? The OP didn’t know if 10 year hosting was possible. Please read the other posts in the threads you participate in and try to add value with your posts.


Domain registration for up to 100 years is available - but that isn’t hosting. The longest offer I have ever seen for hosting is three years.


Out of interest, why would you want to sign up for 10 years in advance? You can just renew every year. There is no guarantee a web host you choose will be in business in 10 years time, it will certainly make the research more difficult in terms of finding a host that is consistently reliable and you have confidence that they’ll continue to be in 10 years time.

Wow, apparently I did not read the post either :blush:

You should strongly consider if getting 10 year hosting is the best idea. The current trend is for more dynamic, reliable, and accessible hosting for lower costs than 10 years ago. With this in mind you may be paying for something that doesn’t meet industry requirements. That is, if a host for 10 year plan is found.


There are many hosting companies (host gator, marble host, b2netsolutions, godaddy, etc.) which provide their services fro more than 10 years and they are respectable and trustworthy in delivering quality hosting services.
All depends on your hosting needs, the OP, and your funds.

None of them offer an option to pay for more than three years in advance though.

Also, a good thing to know is if the price is frozen at the year 1 to the year 10?

Domain registration for up to 100 years is available

Even there, if memory servers me right, the domain is registered for a shorter period (I think the technical limit is 10 years), and then renewed by the registrar. 100 years is such a long time that I find it downright funny to register a domain that long, but I suppose there is a market for anything. :slight_smile:

At the rate that hosting companies are being bought out or disappearing then signing up for a 10 year contract would not be to your advantage. Also, consider that hosting prices could get even cheaper and the you have signed on for a ten year price. Most good companies would adjust for these factors but who is to say that yours will. Additionally, new technologies will become available which may lead you to want to change your plan and thus your price. Ten years is just “TOO” long term for any type of hosting contract in my opinion. A three year contract gives you big pricing benefits and then in three years you can change hosts or plans or sign up for the same road again. Finally, if you go that long term you are locking yourself out of potential other deals and offers which can come up even in the course of a single year from your host. I advise that you reconsider the thought of purchasing hosting for ten years. It won’t bring you any substantial benefits from my perspective.