What do you think about lifetime hosting?

Today, I search on ebay and see the hosting pagkage “lifetime hosting” one time payment. Do you think kind of this service is good?

Please suggestion.


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Yes. When you are new in webhosting service, you need some gimmicks to attract customers.

With that said, I do give to close friends ‘lifetime’ as long as I am still hosting. That’s what I told them … :wink:

I think the definition “lifetime hosting” is used for the marketing purpose only. And they must be new web hosting companies offering that.

One word - SCAM!

The company is probably being honest and expects to have a lifetime of a few weeks before they shut down forever.

They do mean their lifetime when they make an offer like that - not yours.

Sure it’s for real! You’ll really be put on an old pentium 4 with 500 other lifetime customers, but it’s cool b/c it has 512kb of ram and an 8gb hard drive on a dial-up connection in his grandmother’s basement!!!

In most cases you get what you pay for.

With the abundance of quality cheap hosting, I don’t see any advantage to committing to one host.

Whose life time - company’s, host’s, customer’s, domain’s or …?
How will they meet recurring expenditures afterwards?
Best is monthly subscription - safe and secure with all the open options to be or not to be.

Good luck.

I believe you should not accept their offers seriously. They maybe online for 2-3 month and then disappear and you will never be able to do chargeback.
Pay month to month.

I agree with serverpoint.You get what you pay for :slight_smile:

Lifetime hosting can only make sense as a special offer, with some long term plan. It can be a way to get funds fast for further developing the business (assuming credit via regular means would be otherwise more expensive). It can also be a way to get a customer base fast, wow them with great service, resulting in a lot of new customers to regular, monthly/yearly paid packages.

The vast majority of lifetime hosting offers don’t fit that description though.

Thank you for every comment about life time hosting. I will think again about this service.


I do agree that it is best you stay away from lifetime hosting. It is hard to maintain hosting when you are giving away lifetime hosting as there is likely to have glitches like disappearing after a few months. Or maybe they have other means of survival? I can’t be sure of that. I do give lifetime hosting to my closest friends since I got myself a dedicated server but did inform them that if I close down my hosting service, it will be gone thereafter.

this terminology works better for companies dat look at short term goals and hence u may end up suffering. so it is better to stay away from such lucrative offers

Why would anyone even consider “lifetime” hosting. When you pay for one year’s hosting you know that you should get a year’s hosting. When you pay for three year’s hosting you get three years worth.

When you pay for lifetime hosting you don’t know whether the company you are buying it from will have a lifetime of three months or three days from when you pay until when they close up their business (thus ending their lifetime as a hosting provider) and so you don’t know how much hosting time you are actually getting.

Yes I do not know how lifetime hosting trust so I post at here to get any idea about kind this business. I am newbie and have to more experience to know everything.

One more question how do you know which hosting the best?

It is hard to define ‘best’ hosting.

Being a hosting service line myself, my clients have a certain degree of satisfaction with me and there are also clients being not satisfied. Most people want to have 100% uptime but in reality, it is hard to achieve that. There is always a certain period when the server needed to be service so it will be likely down for 10 - 15 minutes. Other factors like natural disasters in certain areas that affecting the internet connection, clients will not be able to access their servers. Bottom line, I always tell them that it is about 98% uptime for a year.