Future of Web Hosting - Feature Request

What is the future of web hosting? What features would you add to your current plan? What does a web hosting company need to offer to keep your long term business? What trends, innovation, new developments, etc. do you see making the most impact in web hosting after 2020?

Things are still growing in web hosting industry and switching towards cloud hosting, and managed hosting solution. If you are able to provider latest technology you will always find growth. As not everyone can afford a datacenter to server they can manage 24x7 and things are switching more towards online stuff.
For this you will require a website… for website you require hosting service as well. :slight_smile:

Most people either had to provide their hosting or pay a hosting company a lot of money to use their hardware and resources for hosting. Some of which include shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and WordPress hosting.

@heythereiamusingwats the OP asked about the future of hosting. I’m not sure how your reply answers that.


Well, I think it’s just going to get cheaper and cheaper now. I don’t speak for everyone, but what keeps me doing business with my current hoster is the free domain they give me. It’s free for life if I continue to do business with them. .com domains generally cost $9 USD every year. So you add that in with your hosting provider if they don’t offer you this and the price just keeps stacking. But if you ever get a free domain with your hoster, I’d definitely go for it. That’s what’s keeping me from leaving my hoster. I’d rather save $9 every year than having to pay for 2 services. That’s just me.

I think hosting providers need to offer more advice on SEO, marketing, business, etc.

Since you can’t expect a hosting company to know all about all this stuff, it would be great if they could work with other companies to offer this services to clientes

Web hosting is a term familiar to anyone who has ever run or managed a website before. … Some of which include shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and WordPress hosting. People often speculate what the future of web hosting is going to be.

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