Host for a yearly fee?

Hi everyone.

I’m starting a small personal site that will be my blog and also show photographs, articles and stories I’ve written. I also will be installing EyeOS ( as a web desktop I can use anywhere in the world. I’m sick of free hosts and just want something reliable so I can get on with programming and designing.

I would like to pay a small, one of fee for a year though. My requirements (I believe) are quite small:

  • Decent space. It’ll mainly be php pages, images, etc.
  • Ok bandwidth. I don’t think I’ll get that many visitors. I’ll probably by my #1 visitor!
  • A DECENT file upload limit! I’ve been trying to upload the package.eyepackage file to setup EyeOS and none of the free hosts have a high enough file limit to allow me to do that.
  • Decent amount of subdomains.
  • Good control panel
  • The ability to check bandwidth etc so I don’t have to pay EXTRA. That’s a biggy.

I’ll admit I don’t have a lot of money to spend on a webhost (I’m getting married this year so money is tight and the fiancee likes to know what I’m spending my money on ;)). I’ve seen some hosts for around $15US/year which sounds good. I’m in Australia so I have to watch that conversion rate!

It would be great if they were reliable with no hassles so I can just get on with the projects I’m working on :slight_smile:

Any help as always appreciated.

If you increase your budget to something reasonable, the $7-8 per month range (prepaid yearly), you’ll get reasonable hosting from any of the major shared hosting providers.

Do you think you can run a company, rent hardware with electric and bandwidth bills, and pay support employees on $15/year? They can’t either, that’s why hosts offering free or nearly free service are run by a single person and usually don’t last a year before going out of business.

The fact is though that I have seen hosts offering at that price range.

That price was just an example though. Obviously I can afford to pay more then that. However I would prefer to pay a yearly fee (and not just pay monthly a year in advance) so I know that its paid for and sorted out.

I really didn’t think that was too much to ask.

What’s the difference? One year of paid service versus one year of paid service? I’m not trying to be smart here, when you pay for a year of hosting you get a year of hosting whether they offer a monthly option or not.

The difference is that it’s a yearly fee. I don’t want to pay 12 monthly charges a year in advance. I’m not being smart either, but why is that so hard for you to understand? I’m just looking for a decent host that offers that option.

No wonder these forums are so dead compared to a few years ago when these days you have moderators/mentors who can’t even give advice on a simple question like this.

Most hosting providers that charge by the year quote their price by the month for easy comparison.

Unless a web host specifically states that you can pay by the month the monthly rate they quote is usually only for comparison purposes.

Often the monthly rate quoted on their home page is only available if you sign up for the longest period they offer and sighning up for a shorter period will result in your being charged at a higher monthly rate.

For example BlueHost quote hosting from $6.95 a month but they don’t offer pay by the month and if you want to pay for one year at a time the fee is $107.40 (which works out at $8.95 per month). You only get the $6.95 monthly rate if you pay for three years at a time. Other hosts similarly quote their cheapest monthly rate based on their longest signup period so as to look as competitive as possible.

Many of the hosting providers that used to offer hosting that could be paid for by the month have dropped it as it costs them way too much to administer and so the cost would have to be way to high compared to annual fees so finding a provider that doesn’t require you to pay at least one year in advance will be dificult.

Would you like to host your site on UK or US server?

I do not recommend web hosting services with annual billing. You need to learn more about the current host before you give them a go and 1 year contract

Thank you felgall. The whole post was very helpful. I’ll take this into account when looking for a webhost.

I thing you need to try web hosting service first to understand if that is something you will use in the future. Then you will need to decide if you can pay for the whole year. Paying for the whole year is the way to show the company how you trust them nd as result you get bonus from them

You can have an annual hosting fitting all your needs for cheaper rates. I personally know several relable companies that are offering good annually billed solutions.

For example, such company as hostsvault is offering quality hosting at shared accounts which are discounted by half at the yearly billing with the appropriate coupon code.

I’m thinking of using as their ‘tiny’ plan would suit me currently.

Just remember to check the money back guarantee of a host because the issue with paying 12 months worth up-front would be your tied in with their service for a long period of time. There are hosts who give discounts to people who pay yearly rather than monthly which can be an enticement but you want to ensure the service you get is of the quality you can cope with over the time you are with them. After all, you don’t want to be tied to a useless host :slight_smile:

I’d say Hawkhost would probably be a good host for you, it’s the host that I’m currently using for my own sites. Would fit in your budget range, even under it.

There are could be web hosting accounts which has only annual billing, but they are only $10-30 per year. And if you are interested in such plan you need to pay for whole year. But id web hosting plan does not require that and offer you choice - just start with monthly billing cycle.