Is there a way to convert a "fla" format to animated "gif" format?

Hi everyone,
I selected file->publish settings and: gif .gis to convert my fla file into a
gif format.
I did get a gif picture but it is not animatrd. I get a static picture.
Anyone knows how to make an animated gif file out of a fla file ?

Hi Ziggwies,
I used your first consult (selecting “gif” from “formats” tab) and it worked but only partly.
It means, i did get an animated “gif” as desired but insted of showing gradually exposed characters from a “masked layer” i got a gradually growing black spot (the masking spot) on screen. I thought i would come back with a new question but that notification of yours solved that newly appeared problem.
Thanks a lot!

If you don’t have the “Gif” tab you could also try File > Export > Export Movie. Then select “Animated Gif”.

I didn’t notice the “gif” tab, only “formats”…
Thanks a again…

Under the “Gif” tab make sure you’ve selected “Animated” for “Playback”.