Convert FLA to AVI or FLV

What’s the best way to handle the conversion? Any tool would handle this?

You can directly export your movie in AVI or MOV format from Flash itself. Go to File –> Export –> Export Movie.

right, but are there any 3rd party tools that would handle this?

Whoops…missread the original question. Sorry about that. My suggestion was for something different.

I tried to export the fla to avi but the output is in black and white.

Is their other way to covert FLA/SWF to FLV/AVI?

Is you animation inside a movie clip or on the main timeline ?

Hi jim_morrison3,

Thanks for the reply.

It was inside the movieclip and that is why the result is bad.

Now it’s working since I put it in the main timeline.

Thanks Again

Glad i could help :slight_smile:

I know *.fla is the project file of flash 8 and you can not convert fla to avi by the conversion tool!