Converting Animated GIF to SWF


I have a bunch of animated GIFs with clear backgrounds that I need to convert to SWF files and retain the clear background. They also have to loop.

I was having a guy from Freelancer do this for me but it is getting expensive now.

What is the process to convert these from GIF to SWF and retain the clear background and loop? They need to be 30 fps if that makes a difference.

Are there any free tools our there to help with this or do I need a specific premium tool?

I have attached a ‘finished’ product so you can see what I need to accomplish.

Thanks for the help!


You could use one of these sites:


Although I would recommend importing it into Adobe Flash (if you have it) and exporting it as a SWF for best results

Thanks for the direction…is the learning curve steep to do something like this?



First I would like to point out that converting animated gifs to flash is one of the worst things you could do. You lose compatibility (iphones, for example DONT support flash), you don’t gain anything in compression, you really dont make the images scalable, unless you redraw them. But I Know there might be other need that I am not necessarily aware of.

Anyway, here are some steps to follow:

  1. use Fireworks to export each frame of the animated GIF as it’s own separate GIF image
  2. create a new flash file , set movie to 30fps.
  3. import each of the single gif as a NEW KEY FRAME in FLASH ( in the order that they appeared in the animated gif).
    3a) Here is where you may need some math and minor FLASH knowledge, How long do you want your animation to be? For example if you have 10 GIFs to create 1 sec of animation at 30fps you will need to create two extra FRAMES for each KEY FRAME you created (see step above)
  4. Since the you want the frame to loop, on the last FRAME add the following action goto(0);
  5. export as SWF.

hope that helps