Flash to Gif

I have made a flash logo, just how I like it.

But the places where I need to put it, I find, are not made to really handle a flash graphic.

Does anyone know how to convert a flash animation to a gif antimated file?

You can try doing a screen capture with camstudio, then take the video file and convert that to a gif using one of the “avi to gif” converters brought up in a google search.

Instead of using Publish you can use File > Export > Export Movie, then choose the file type you want. If your animation was creating using actionscript, that won’t “translate” since it needs the flash player to decode/create the animation, but animation between frames should work no problem.

Some Export Movie File Types:
Animated GIF creates a simple, looping animated gif.
GIF Sequence will create a .gif file for every frame of your animation.
JPEG Sequence will create a .jpg file for every frame of your animation.

By exporting a sequence of frames using one of the last two options you can import them into another program like Fireworks to string together and create an animated gif version.

(If you accidentally choose Export Image and choose GIF you will just get a static image.)

I just tested this method on a simple animation I did a while ago (text moving into the screen on top of a gradient bg) using Animated GIF and GIF Sequence and the quality was horrible. Text edges are craggy, the gradient is dirty, and none of the settings make much of a difference. However, exporting using JPEG Sequence outputs nice clean images and you have the ability to control the quality (0-100).

If your animation doesn’t involve moving text or gradients it might turn out fine just using Animated GIF. Maybe my example was exactly what NOT to do when exporting an animated gif from Flash.