Is the keywords tracker a good predictor of revenue PC?

Hi…I’m new here. I’ve run my blog for about four years. I make okay money from the ads and ebooks. Recenty,to get ideas for articles, I’ve been reviewing suggestions in the Google keyword tracker. (I still mix it up with other articles.) I sort by average CPC. The CPCs it is suggesting are off the charts in comparison to what revenue I get per click now. (And I make decent money.) Are these CPCs for real? Even if I got 10% of the take via Adsense, they are still miles above anything I get. I make revenue PC in dollars, not cents, but still nothing like what I am seeing in the tool.

I don’t know if it would violate my Google TOS to give examples. So I won’t do that. But, seriously, I can’t believe the CPCs that are coming up. Maybe this is only if people complete a series of actions on the other site or something? Also, many of the suggested keywords are only loosely related to my site, although I can certainly see that people would still sometimes be interested in them.

68%! Seems like very generous to me. There is no way to check; however, right?

I wonder if the figure is skewed towards a higher percentage because AdSense has a tiered system - like, for example, large accounts would get a better percentage deal.

Yes, that’s a good point. Even in Adwords that I bid, I see that the top prices paid are sometimes significantly higher than my bid amount. I usually pay for Google search adword placement, when I do content advertising I lower the cpc.

Maybe it’s that my visitors click on the cheaper ads?

Well, as someone that uses Google Adwords- I know I’m paying those prices that are listed. So maybe your Adsense take from Google is very small percentage.

Okay, but let’s say, hypothetically, that Google is saying these average CPC for keywords related to your site is $120 or $85 or something. Is that for real? (Hypothetically.)

the value of a ads are depends on the ads it self (the bids) and the place where click comes from.

people pay high to be on google search engine, but pay way lower to be on the adsense network, that might be the explanation.
Google said recently that our share on the adsense network is 68%. believe it or not, I don’t know the truth myself, but then what you get should be 68% of what the advertizer paid to get your visitor on this particular click.