Is someone trying to take a domain?

I am designing a webpage for a friend who has had his domain name registered with an ex-friend who is refusing to re-register the domain for us. The domain name expired in april 2013 and we are waiting for it to become avalible again to buy.

But we sometimes get the message “WHOIS query quota has been exceeded”.
Does this mean someone is trying to register the domain when it becomes avalible before we can?


Sounds like the website you use for for the WHOIS query only allows a certain number of queries within a certain time frame in order to protect their service from overload. It doesn’t mean someone is trying to register.

I’m not an expert, but I have heard that domain re-seller businesses can be very quick in snapping up expired domains. Rather than just waiting for it to become available, I would look for a way to guarantee that you’ll get it, e.g. offer money to the ex-friend to transfer the domain to you. There may be other tools, e.g. back-ordering, but I haven’t got enough insight myself to advice.

Anyone else?

I don’t know exactly(and for me also sounds like “It doesn’t mean someone is trying to register.”), but I also had the same experience with an ex-friend. Condolences! From then on, I do my best to be the one and only owner of my websites/domains/etc. I’m sorry for you and I hope you’ll be able to succeed! Wish you good luck!

Once the domain name is expired it enters into 3 stages that is expired-> resumption period->deletion>Available for Registration . Once the domain name is available for re registration anyone can register it.

If the name is good, you won’t get a chance to register it after it expires. There are many auction websites offer pre-order for expired domains. If you submit an order for the domain, they will try very hard to register the domain the second it because available. It is a good way to get the domain back. And if they fail, they will return the money.