Expired domain name?

When doing a who-is on a domain name, it expired on 15th March 10 (3 days ago)

When will this domain become available for registration?

About 32 more days

30 day redemption period during which the original owner can still renew (after the first few days, with a service fee), then 5 days in “pending delete” status.

Okay, thank you! :slight_smile:

chances are someone will swipe the name right away. one option would be to sign up for services that reserve domains before they expire. that might cost you though.

Correct. However diffrent domain name registrars might have different periods till the domain name will become availible for the domain name registration again

Yes, different registrar have different rules. Some registrars lock the good domains with them and do not release them to make it available on market to register again. So good practice is to always renew the domain before its expiration date. :slight_smile:

It depends upon the domain registrar. If they not released the domain then it will not listed on the available list. You will have to contact the registrar to release the domain or to own the domain.

They can’t lock the domain name next day after expiration :wink:

yeah prob about 30 more days.